Decorating on a Dime

Today I thought I’d begin a series of low budget decoration ideas. I’ve decorated my entire apartment for dirt cheap using a variety of resources available to all of you. I don’t think I’ve paid full price for a single decor item in my entire house.

I’m going to show you, piece by piece, how I did it.

Today I’ll start with my living room. Part of it anyway.

The sofa is a leather and microfiber sectional that I got on craig’s list. It took some time to find the exact one I was looking for, but it was worth it! I sold my previous sofa for $300, and haggled the price on the new one down from $700 to $400, making my final cost on a new-to-me-couch only $100. Now that’s thrifty!

The original pillows were brown, neutral beige, and brown zebra stripe. The colors were WAY too neutral for me and I decided to brighten things up. Lucky for me they are exactly 26″x26″ the same size as Euro pillows. There were originally 8, but it was just too bulky so 2 of them are currently doubling as Euro pillows on my bed, and one is an accent pillow on another chair. Because of this standard size I was able to find ready made Euro sham covers at Bed, Bath and Beyond that fit perfectly! The coral is an awesome Amy Butler pattern that was originally $50 each, but I had my 20% off coupons and got three for a nice discount!

The yellow is an awesome fabric I found at Hancock’s which was 50% off. I had originally seen the print on etsy and figured I could totally make them myself.The basic pillow case was easy enough to sew but I didn’t know how to do the piping, so I found a sweet video on youtube and figured it out in no time. Total cost for the two euro shams plus an extra throw pillow- $12. The throw pillows are from the DIY Cloth Napkin Pillow post. 

For the wall art I had this amazing nautical map of Puerto Rico that I got when I worked for Princess Cruises in Los Angeles. This is a real map that was used on a Princess Ship. You can even see the real captain’s handwriting! How cool is that?

The other two map prints were $12 for both on ebay. The frames came from Michael’s marked down 50% off plus another 15% off with a coupon.

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