Finding New Ingredients

Last night Adam and I took a stab at making tostadas! I thought they were just really neat individually topped nachos. I’ve spoken of the amazing ones served at Palm Pavillion on Clearwater Beach. Adam had them at Tijuana Flats and said they called them Tostadas. I always thought tostadas were larger like a mexican pizza but apparently it is quite common to serve them chip style. So we did!

I knew I was going to have some pulled chicken as a base topping. So I simmered some chicken breasts in stock, then pulled the chicken (which, by the way, is a TOTAL pain in the neck. Anyone have any tips on how to make that process less annoying?) I returned the pulled chicken to the pan and added a little more stock, a packet of taco seasoning, lots of lime juice and a bit of garlic salt. Simmer for a few minutes until all the flavours marry.

I get a bit overwhelmed (in a good way) when I consider a dish like this one, because there are so many options! I start going topping crazy and want to put everything on them! As we perused the aisle at Tar-jay I found myself in the bean aisle, which is always a good place to be.

I stumbled upon Black Refried Beans. Wholly Guacamole! What!? I’m sorry if this sounds incredibly dense but I had NEVER heard of black refried beans. I knew immediately that I had to try it. Well let me tell you it was a delight. They were slightly thicker than regular refried beans, but velvety and delicious! The color is a lovely deep purple and looked much prettier on my tostadas than the brown mush I usually use. It was also better because I often like to put black beans and corn on my nachos and everything falls off as soon as you pick up the chip. I was able to get the same great black bean flavor and something to stick the corn to. I was very pleasantly surprised.

The second thing we stumbled across last night was simply marvelous. Budweiser is now selling a product called Lime-a-rita. Adam cleverly commented that most ‘ritas DO have lime, I suppose they could have thought a little harder about that name. I digress. I’ve seen this new thing with mixing corona and margaritas and have been waiting for someone to cash in on the concept. Well Budweiser did and MY oh MY was it delicious! It is slightly carbonated, not too sweet, and perfectly limey (and I don’t mean British).

It was only $10.99 for a 12 pack which is a good price. I can’t wait to try another one! I have to pace myself, or else invite a friend to come help me. You coming over?

2 thoughts on “Finding New Ingredients

  1. Cessie

    I do have a tip about pulling chicken…do you have a large mixer, like a Kitchenaid, with a paddle. If so, put the cooked chicken breasts in there and turn it on low for a couple of minutes, and voila! Shredded chicken!

    1. Homemaker Chic Post author

      That’s amazing! Thank you! I do not have a kitchenaid but I’m hanging onto hope that Kitchenaid will discover my blog, find me dazzling, and immediately send me a free one! I’ll try this at my mom’s house soon though, she has a really cute seafoam green one.


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