DIY Cloth Napkin Pillow

I’ve mentioned before that I live dangerously close to Target (properly pronounced Tar-jay). The intoxicating blend of slightly ambient lighting and bright colors draw me in like a moth to a flame. The prices are excellent and the quality is quite good. Their newer lines of home decor are lovely, and lucky for me, easily hacked! The newest line Privet House is charming but a bit higher priced so my creative juices immediately started scheming on how I could make a good fake.

I’ve been looking lately for some additional throw pillows for my sofa and Privet had a lovely coral damask that would match perfectly with the Amy Butler Pattern I already had. At a price point of $25 each for throw pillows I decided to pass.

As I wandered a bit further down the aisle I came across these lovely cloth napkins which were double sided and looked like the perfect cover for the pillows I was imagining in my mind.

At the super affordable price of $3.99 each I said “yes please!” A quick stop by michaels for some polyester batting ($3.oo after my 40% off coupon) and I was ready to go!

Start by ironing the napkins flat, then unstitch about 6-7 inches of the seam starting at the tag.

Be sure to remove any little bits of thread after you unstitch.

Stuff your pillow with about 10-12 ounces of batting (depending on how firm you want your pillow to be.

Stitch the opening as close to the edge as you can, making sure to lock with a backstitch.

The final result will be a lovely little double side pillow and it only took about 5 minutes, and they only cost about $5.50 each. Aren’t they cute?

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