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Dirty dishes

I saw this somewhere on the interwebs and died laughing. Here’s to hilarious housewives!



#Sunday Supper Pink Sangria Cocktail Recipe

By popular demand I am sharing my pink sangria recipe. For my regular readers you know I never measure anything. For this I do not apologize. Its just how I roll.

For Pink Sangria start with a lovely glass!

Add several blueberries, strawberry slices, and apple chunks.

Pour a little peach sparkling cider over the fruit (Archer Farms has a great version). Also pour a little cranberry juice.

Add a little triple sec, a little blackberry brandy, a good squeeze of lime and lemon juice.

Add some ice then fill to the top with white wine. I used Pinot Grigio. Enjoy with #Sunday Supper!

Rustic Chicken Linguine with White Wine Lemon Butter Sauce

Thursday night we invited our dear friends Erick and Kelly over for dinner. They are charming and fun, and we always have a blast when we get together. Last time they were over I made my brother’s recipe for Ginger Crusted Chicken. It was a hit, so I needed to outdo myself this time.

I hit the produce mother-lode at my mom’s house. She, for some, reason stocked up on fresh vegetables before leaving for vacation, so she loaded me up with a ton of goodies on Wednesday night before she left town.

I had a great selection of ingredients to work with! Oh how I love fresh vegetables! I ended up with several pickling cucumbers, 3 bell peppers, 3 roma tomatoes, a whole carton of baby bella mushrooms, 3 leeks, some spinach, romaine lettuce, and a partridge in a pear tree.

The nice thing about having a professional chef for a brother is that anytime I need to impress friends I can call him up and he’s always game for a recipe challenge. (Not that the perfectly stocked pantry I possessed was much of a challenge!) Together we decided on a Chicken saute’ with Mushrooms, leeks, and red pepper in a white wine, lemon, butter sauce over linguine. I also served a fresh summer salad of peppers, cucumber and tomato on the side.

No one was home so I invited Billie Holiday over, poured a glass of wine, and started chopping my vegetables. This is one of the best most cathartic parts of my day. Nothing but me and my food. It is a glorious moment to be kinetic with everything I’m about to devour! It is so very human.

“It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.” -Julia Child

For the salad I chopped the pickling cucumbers, orange bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, and tomatoes into uniform pieces. I added about 2/3 cup apple cider vinegar, a little olive oil, minced garlic, salt & pepper, and a bit of sugar to cut the acidity of the vinegar. Put them in the fridge for at least an hour and this will sort of pickle the salad. It is really delicious!

For the main dish I cubed 4 chicken breasts and sauteed with a bit of olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper. 4 breasts are really too much for 4 people so I set a little bit aside and stored in the fridge to use in a chicken salad for lunch another day.

Once your chicken is cooked through add one diced red bell pepper, LOTS of sliced mushrooms, and 2 sliced leeks.

Also add about a cup of white wine, salt & pepper, garlic, lots of lemon juice, and about 3 Tbsp of butter. Let this cook down for a good 30min-1 hour. After it has cooked down add about 2/3 cup of milk and let is reduce a little. You want it to be all stewy and amazing.





When it is ready it will like like this… —->

Prepare your linguine, drain, and then pour all this stewy goodness right over the pasta and stir.

Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Since all the big kids had wine and lime-a-ritas… as a special little treat I made Kelly a Pregnancy Cocktail. She is having a little girl in September 🙂 The cocktail consisted of strawberries and blueberries dropped into a champagne flute. A little cranberry juice, peach sparkling cider, and lime juice. She loved it!

How to Fix Stretched Out Slingback Shoes

Today I decided to clean out my closet and I came across these adorable bright happy yellow wedges that I picked up second-hand at Plato’s Closet about a year ago. I couldn’t remember why I never wore them anymore… until I put them on. I noticed that they were slipping off my feet when I walked in them. When I looked closely I saw that the elastic in the sling-back had stretched out completely and made the shoes too big. Immediately I thought, “I can totally fix this!” So I did. Hopefully this will help you to save perfectly good shoes from being tossed!

I started by using a seam ripper and scissors to cut off the stretched out pieces. Just don’t cut the actual leather on the shoe.

The next part was tricky as I tried to finagle the straps into the sewing machine. Definitely remove the arm of the machine if you can, and just work and wiggle the shoe until you can position both pieces of the strap under the foot. This will take some time and working with your specific machine. I also recommend lifting and lowering the foot to help keep the straps in place.

You’ll want to measure the straps on your foot to make sure it is both tight enough to stay on, and loose enough that you can slide into the shoes without unbuckling (as you will now no longer be able to buckle them with this permanent solution.) Stitch the two pieces together by using the manual knob. Don’t use the automatic pedal because it will move too quickly and you need to work slowly to keep the pieces in place as you stitch.

When you stitch one row, flip the shoe around and stitch back the other direction to lock. Basically make a skinny rectangle.

When you are finished, snip off any excess thread and enjoy your new pair of shoes!

How Twitter Changed My Life (sortof)

Every year after the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (I can say that now since its two years running!) I feel rejuvenated, replenished, and inspired. It must be the leisurely pace at which only Georgians can move. The city of Atlanta is rustic and charming and reminds me of who I want to be.

Last year my appetite for greatness was satiated when I joined the cast of season two on Food, Drinks, and Rock n’ Roll starring my brother Chef Nathan Lippy. I loved each week getting to taste and try new flavour combinations and communicate with the foodie fans who loyally watched the show.

After the season ended I ended up in a food lull until early this year when I finally did what I’d been telling myself I’d do for years… I started a blog! It was a big step for me because it meant I believed I had something important to say, something perhaps someone else would want to hear [read]. I’ve so loved these last few months of sharing my ideas, inspiration, and obsessions with you. So I decided it was time to take this little blog thing to the next level.

As with most things utterly profound, the next part of this story begins on a Tuesday- last tuesday. 7 days ago. It is my belief that all great things begin on Tuesdays.

One week ago today I decided to open a Twitter account.

I began following foodies, and chefs whom I admired. I followed wine people, cake people, beer people and bourbon people. I read silly ancedotes, and excellent recipe ideas. I joined #foodiechats and met tons of other bloggers, foodies, and chefs! I clicked on link after link until suddenly this huge world was opening before my eyes! There are people, just like me, who love food, and write about it. Where have you been all my life? Then this miraculous thing happened. People began to follow MOI! One hundred and sixty three people who did not know me last week, now know me and have access to each and every glorious word I write! At the same time my world opened up, I realized that the world is actually quite small after all.

I know it must sound like I’ve been in a hole for the past 5 years, but I had no idea Twitter could be so cool!

So to all my new friends, I’m so excited to do this blogging thing with you. I have this feeling that something big is going to happen here, at these keys. Something big indeed.

Finding New Ingredients

Last night Adam and I took a stab at making tostadas! I thought they were just really neat individually topped nachos. I’ve spoken of the amazing ones served at Palm Pavillion on Clearwater Beach. Adam had them at Tijuana Flats and said they called them Tostadas. I always thought tostadas were larger like a mexican pizza but apparently it is quite common to serve them chip style. So we did!

I knew I was going to have some pulled chicken as a base topping. So I simmered some chicken breasts in stock, then pulled the chicken (which, by the way, is a TOTAL pain in the neck. Anyone have any tips on how to make that process less annoying?) I returned the pulled chicken to the pan and added a little more stock, a packet of taco seasoning, lots of lime juice and a bit of garlic salt. Simmer for a few minutes until all the flavours marry.

I get a bit overwhelmed (in a good way) when I consider a dish like this one, because there are so many options! I start going topping crazy and want to put everything on them! As we perused the aisle at Tar-jay I found myself in the bean aisle, which is always a good place to be.

I stumbled upon Black Refried Beans. Wholly Guacamole! What!? I’m sorry if this sounds incredibly dense but I had NEVER heard of black refried beans. I knew immediately that I had to try it. Well let me tell you it was a delight. They were slightly thicker than regular refried beans, but velvety and delicious! The color is a lovely deep purple and looked much prettier on my tostadas than the brown mush I usually use. It was also better because I often like to put black beans and corn on my nachos and everything falls off as soon as you pick up the chip. I was able to get the same great black bean flavor and something to stick the corn to. I was very pleasantly surprised.

The second thing we stumbled across last night was simply marvelous. Budweiser is now selling a product called Lime-a-rita. Adam cleverly commented that most ‘ritas DO have lime, I suppose they could have thought a little harder about that name. I digress. I’ve seen this new thing with mixing corona and margaritas and have been waiting for someone to cash in on the concept. Well Budweiser did and MY oh MY was it delicious! It is slightly carbonated, not too sweet, and perfectly limey (and I don’t mean British).

It was only $10.99 for a 12 pack which is a good price. I can’t wait to try another one! I have to pace myself, or else invite a friend to come help me. You coming over?

DIY Cloth Napkin Pillow

I’ve mentioned before that I live dangerously close to Target (properly pronounced Tar-jay). The intoxicating blend of slightly ambient lighting and bright colors draw me in like a moth to a flame. The prices are excellent and the quality is quite good. Their newer lines of home decor are lovely, and lucky for me, easily hacked! The newest line Privet House is charming but a bit higher priced so my creative juices immediately started scheming on how I could make a good fake.

I’ve been looking lately for some additional throw pillows for my sofa and Privet had a lovely coral damask that would match perfectly with the Amy Butler Pattern I already had. At a price point of $25 each for throw pillows I decided to pass.

As I wandered a bit further down the aisle I came across these lovely cloth napkins which were double sided and looked like the perfect cover for the pillows I was imagining in my mind.

At the super affordable price of $3.99 each I said “yes please!” A quick stop by michaels for some polyester batting ($3.oo after my 40% off coupon) and I was ready to go!

Start by ironing the napkins flat, then unstitch about 6-7 inches of the seam starting at the tag.

Be sure to remove any little bits of thread after you unstitch.

Stuff your pillow with about 10-12 ounces of batting (depending on how firm you want your pillow to be.

Stitch the opening as close to the edge as you can, making sure to lock with a backstitch.

The final result will be a lovely little double side pillow and it only took about 5 minutes, and they only cost about $5.50 each. Aren’t they cute?